Maximise uptime with our colocation data centres

Our UK data centre locations - Hamilton, Livingston, Manchester, Leeds, Reading and Farnborough - have been strategically chosen based on excellent network connectivity and power availability to allow us to provide our clients with a 100% uptime SLA. 

Our flexible approach to technology and commercial solutions mean that our data centres provide the ideal hosting environment for everything from high density compute applications, such as artificial intelligence, to edge computing for Smart Cities and IoT, where localised data processing can help optimise application performance. 

Our substantial investment in resilient infrastructure, including redundant power supplies, climate control, and advanced connectivity technology, lays the foundation for minimizing downtime. Our colocation data centres also operate in accordance with the Uptime Institute’s Tier 3 Operational Standard and are powered by 100% renewable energy. 

Partner with us, and allow your business to thrive with the unwavering assurance that comes from our colocation data centre solutions. 

What is colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting refers to the practice of renting space, power, and network connectivity within a managed data centre facility. With colocation, businesses retain ownership and control over their physical servers and equipment, and the colocation provider manages the infrastructure, such as power, cooling and security. Colocation hosting can bring many benefits to business that require high levels of uptime, security and connectivity for their IT infrastructure and applications.

Key benefits of colocation hosting include:

Server Ownership and control: Businesses maintain full control over their hardware and software, allowing them to create hybrid hosting solutions
Security and reliability: Colocation facilities offer robust physical security measures, redundant power supplies, cooling systems, and high-speed network connections
Scalability: Businesses can easily scale their infrastructure by adding or removing servers as required
Costs: Colocation offers long-term cost savings compared to maintaining an in-house data centre or in the public cloud

Colocation hosting can allow you to expand your hosting capacity, whilst reducing your costs by moving your active data out of the public cloud, and into a managed hosting facility.

Talk to us to find out how colocation can form part of your IT infrastructure.

Asanti colocation facilities & services

  • Power (metered as used)
  • Network services
  • Internet connectivity (diverse A and B feeds as standard; copper or fibre)
  • Cloud connect services
  • Monitoring
  • Power to rack monitoring is standard
  • Monitor of devices in rack
  • Smart hands (both standard and advanced)
  • Flexible pricing models

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Why host with Asanti

  • 125+ years industry experience

  • Powered by 100% certified green energy

  • Flexible technical & commercial solutions

  • UK company with 6 data centres located throughout the UK

  • 100% uptime SLA

  • Wholly owned