Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for businesses that require flexible, future-ready data centre facilities, without the high costs associated with on premise infrastructures or public cloud.

Our colocation hosting facilities are AI ready, powered by 100% green energy and are backed by a 100% uptime SLA.

We understand that choosing a colocation hosting partner is a significant decision that requires a deep understanding of your business' requirements and future growth. Our team has over 125 years experience in data centre management and builds and have consulted across a range of sectors from Finance, Public Sector and Systems Integrators.

We are purpose built to provide colocation solutions and consultancy to your business.

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The benefits of colocation hosting with asanti

Control: Our colocation solutions give your business complete control over your hardware, software, and configurations. 

Predictable Costs: Our commercial flexibility allows us to work with you to find a model that's right for your business, offering predictable monthly costs for space, power, and bandwidth, making it easier for your businesses to budget.

Security and Compliance: Our colocation facilities provide high levels of physical security and can help businesses meet compliance requirements by with features such as biometric access controls and video surveillance. 

Low Latency Connectivity: All Asanti colocation data centers offer high-speed, redundant connectivity options, allowing your businesses to easily connect to a variety of network and internet service providers. 

Asanti colocation facilities offer you the following

  • Power (metered as used)
  • Network services
  • Internet connectivity (diverse A and B feeds as standard; copper or fibre)
  • Cloud connect services
  • Power to rack monitoring as standard
  • Monitor of devices in rack
  • Smart hands (both standard and advanced)
  • On demand network connectivity

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